A strong shelter providing secure storage for bicycles, scooters and/or motorcycles.

The galvanized steel posts and wire mesh make this product an effective and long lasting solution, which significantly reduces the risk of theft.

  • Basic unit dimensions: Width 2520 x height 2640 x depth 2830 mm (with optional 2.5m extensions).
  • Structure: steel tubes 80 x 80 mm.
  • Roof: steel cross-members 60 x 40 mm two aluminium rainwater gutters,
  • 10 mm anti-UV cellular polycarbonate barrel roof with Anti-intrusion roof reinforcements.
  • Finish: galvanised and painted in your choice of our standard RAL colours (mesh supplied as galvanised – painting is optional)
  • Back and side cladding: rectangular wire mesh Ø 5 mm welded to a steel angle frame.
  • Double door: upper part in Ø 5 mm square wire mesh, lower part in 1.5 mm thick sheet metal.
  • European lock/key. Doors can be opened from the interior without keys. Doors held in the open and closed position by drop bar and shoes.
  • Installation: on base plates, feet adjustable in height, expansion plugs supplied
  • Please note any bike racks shown in pics are for illustration only (not included with shelter)


  • Mechanical digicode lock
  • LED lighting option: 220V power supply, connection requires professional installation (circuit breaker not supplied). Contact us for details
  • Upgrade mesh to Galvanised and painted to match unit colour
  • The ‘Extension Module’ – adds an additional 2520mm width (+ extra doors & additional choice of lock per module)


‘L’ Secure Bike Shelter, 2.5m, with Barrel roof

Price Includes Mainland UK Delivery. 

Please choose colour and other options below (if applicable).

** Bulk Pricing Available ** See below for details, or contact us.

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Bulk Price Saving: £0.00 - Current Product Total (Excluding Options): £5,700.00 +VAT (Delivery Included)

Lead time 6-10 weeks

Procity – Manufacturing 

  • Shelters – All the ‘off the shelf’ shelter products we offer (including walkways, bus shelters, smoking shelters and Bicycle shelters) are manufactured to the very highest standards by Procity, who are EN 1090 certified manufacturers for products constructed from Aluminium and Steel. This certification ensures all products fully comply with stringent EU standards in terms of quality and safety.
  • 100% of steel, aluminium and packaging is recycleable
  • 100% of production waste (oil, paint, etc…) is collected and processed by specialised waste disposal.
  • Whether zinc primed and painted or galvanized and painted, the paint quality of products is tested in terms of impact resistance, adhesion and paint thickness.
  • Procity also hold the right to use the PEFC mark, certifying that any timber used in the manufacture of products comes from sustainably managed forests and controlled sources.

Procity – Warranties

All products manufactured by Procity have a 5 year warranty* which includes..

  • The conformity and origin of raw materials
  • The precision of cuts, bends and assembly
  • The quality of the welds
  • The waterproofness of outdoor noticeboards
  • The quality of paint finish and their anti-UV resistance.
  • All products that have undergone a hot dip galvanising or anodising process have a 10 year warranty on corrosion. 
  • Phosphate treated and painted products have a 2 year warranty on corrosion.
  • Zinc primed & painted products have a 5 year warranty**
  • Since timber is a living material, the warranty of products containing wood is limited to 2 years.

* excludes saline environments (within 5km of maritime locations, besides heavily salted roads or other strongly corrosive environments…)

** where applicable – please contact us for a quote on upgrading from a Zinc primed and painted finish to galvanised and painted finish, for maximum corrosion warranty.

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Procity Grey, White, Blue, Light Red, Dark Red, Black, Silver, Green, Brown, Corten Effect


Galvanised, Painted Same colour as shelter

Method of Locking

Normal Key Lock, Digital Code Lock