The Sheffield Toaster bike rack offers a contemporary and refined style, with limitless bike parking potential

  • The basic bolt-together unit consists of the two ground rail chassis bars (which can be free standing or bolted down), plus three stands (with a total 6 bike parking capacity)
  • An infinite number of optional 2 stand (4 bike) extensions can also be added to the basic unit to make up the total number of bike stands required

Basic Unit

  • Dimensions (using Sheffield style bicycle stands): Overall length 1885mm x 700mm width x 850mm height.
    • 2 x Ground rails – structure: steel tube 60mm x 30 mm.
    • 3 x 700mm wide Std Sheffield style stands (50mm diameter steel tubing)
    • Each of the 3 stands can be upgraded to either the reinforced stand, or the reinforced 3mm steel plated version with a cut-out bicycle logo (3 styles as shown in the main product picture)
  • Finish: Galvanised steel (for Galvanised and Painted finish, please see separate listing).
  • Installation: Freestanding or bolted to ground, through 13mm pre-drilled holes in rails (bolts not supplied)

Extension Units

  • Overall length 1635mm (height and width as per basic unit)
  • Each extension adds two Std Sheffield style stands (increasing capacity by up to 4 more bikes), with the same stand spacing as the basic unit.
  • The extensions can also be upgraded to include the alternative stand styles, as per the basic unit
  • Extension units are supplied in the same finish as chosen for the Basic unit
  • If you require more than 2 extensions, please contact us for a quote based on your specific requirements


Sheffield Bicycle Toaster Rack, 700mm wide, Galvanised, for 6+ bikes (Options Available)

Price Includes Mainland UK Delivery. 

Please choose colour and other options below if applicable.

** Bulk Pricing Available ** See below for details, or contact us.

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Bulk Price Saving: £0.00 - Current Product Total (Excluding Options): £339.00 +VAT (Delivery Included)

Lead time 2-6 weeks

Galvanised lead times are 2-3 weeks, with Galvanised and painted at 3-6 weeks

Procity – Manufacturing 

  • 100% of steel, aluminium and packaging is recycleable
  • 100% of production waste (oil, paint, etc…) is collected and processed by specialised waste disposal.
  • Whether zinc primed and painted or galvanized and painted, the paint quality of products is tested in terms of impact resistance, adhesion and paint thickness.
  • Procity hold the right to use the PEFC mark, certifying that any timber used in the manufacture of products comes from sustainably managed forests and controlled sources.

Procity – Warranties

All products manufactured by Procity have a 5 year warranty* which includes..

  • The conformity and origin of raw materials
  • The precision of cuts, bends and assembly
  • The quality of the welds
  • The waterproofness of outdoor noticeboards
  • The quality of paint finish and their anti-UV resistance.
  • All products that have undergone a hot dip galvanising or anodising process have a 10 year warranty on corrosion. 
  • Phosphate treated and painted products have a 2 year warranty on corrosion.
  • Zinc primed & painted products have a 5 year warranty**
  • Since timber is a living material, the warranty of products containing wood is limited to 2 years.

* excludes saline environments (within 5km of maritime locations, besides heavily salted roads or other strongly corrosive environments…)

** where applicable – please contact us for a quote on upgrading from a Zinc primed and painted finish to galvanised and painted finish, for maximum corrosion warranty.

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